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At the Forefront of
BIRCAS Compliance

The premier software and service provider of a Computerized Accounting Systems (CAS) duly compliant with the  BIR  to almost 200 Large Taxpayers, Exporters, and E-Commerce companies in the Philippines.

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In-service to industry-leading Philippine-based corporations.

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Bounty Fresh Food Inc.

The only fully-integrated poultry company in the Philippines that continuously invests in company-owned facilities – grandparent farms, parent stock farms, hatcheries, dressing plants, feed mills, and cool-cell broiler complexes in the Philippines – that have fully-mechanized technology.

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CreditAccess Philippines Financing Company Inc.

Provides financial services in the Philippines focusing on low income individuals and small businesses which are not served by traditional banking institutions. 

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Gate Distribution
Enterprise Inc.

Gate Distribution Enterprise Inc., is an accredited and authorized by Top Telecom companies in the Philippines namely SMART Communications, GLOBE Telecom and DITO to distribute telecommunications products and services such as prepaid load cards, prepaid sim cards and prepaid broadband devices.

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The principal government agency for raising and providing funds for health programs, medical assistance and services, and charities of national character.

The PCSO holds and conducts charity sweepstakes, races, and lotteries and engages in health and welfare-related investments, projects, and activities to provide for permanent and continuing sources of funds for its programs. It also undertakes other activities to enhance and expand such fund-generating operations as well as strengthen the agency’s fund-management capabilities.

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

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Fundamental Components.
Towering Algorithm.

We've turned the simplest technology into one of the most robust and dynamic software solutions known in the Philippine market today - functioning as a catalyst of change.


Should you have any questions or require further clarification about our software features and services not showcased in the video, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you and ensure that all your inquiries are addressed, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business.

Last Updated: March 25, 2022

CAS-Ready Solutions



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Supply Chain




Financial Management

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Connect. Learn. Automate. Achieve.



Everyone makes mistakes, but this time it won't take as much time and effort to undo.We've synchronized everything and it's all in real-time. Documentation will be so much easier now. Oh, and don't even worry about your reports for BIR Compliance. 


Robust API that enables seamless integration with your existing systems. Tailored to your specific needs - ensuring that it will meet your unique reporting requirements. Data transfers will also be a breeze.

Unified Learning Synced Success

Not only do we empower businesses, but we also empower people. The software will walk you through the entire process. Delegation and turnovers have never been this easy and less time consuming. 

Anywhere Access Seamless Integration

Effortlessly manage and monitor assets remotely with our cloud-based solution boasting 99.99% connectivity and multi-layered security to protect your valuable information.


Our Friends & Clients From Other Industries

We've got friends everywhere!

Take every opportunity you get.

Who knows? 

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About Us

Helix Software is the premier service provider of a Computerized Accounting Systems (CAS) duly compliant with BIR  to almost 200 Large Taxpayers, Exporters and E-Commerce companies in the Philippines. 


Our team of highly skilled professionals, with over two decades of industry experience, develops innovative solutions tailored to small, medium, and large enterprises. Our advanced platform seamlessly integrates all your physical and digital data sources, creating a unified, user-friendly system that streamlines business processes.


Helix Software ensures adherence to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Revenue Regulation 9-2009, requiring the adoption and registration of computerized accounting systems. We offer versatile solutions, including comprehensive cloud-based services and on-premise systems. Our modules are designed to autonomously produce tax-related reports, removing manual input and optimizing efficiency while saving time and resources. Recognizing the critical nature of data security and confidentiality, our software incorporates robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Nobody Does It Like Helix.

Seriously. Our commitment at Helix Software is to provide you affordable, world-class software solutions while maintaining a tailor-fit approach that caters to your needs as our local clientele. None of that hidden cost stuff. Awesome customer support. Comprehensive client training. We've got something for everybody.

Helix is also a consulting firm - helping hundreds of corporations and organizations - from multi-billion revenue companies and high-profile individuals to non-profits. Working behind closed curtains. Not under the table.

It's all absolutely outrageous to the point that you might as well imagine what we can do for you.


Carlos Miguel A. Constantino ,

Creatives Director | Deputy Strategy Officer

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