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Management System

A powerful tool that allows you to optimize your warehouse operations to improve productivity and efficiency. Our system leverages mobile ID data collection and wireless communications to seamlessly link your warehouse with your order processing and manufacturing operations, giving you real-time visibility into your inventory levels, order status, and warehouse performance.

Streamline your pick, pack, ship, and receiving processes, saving time and reducing errors. Our system features advanced functionality such as bin management, warehouse team creation, fulfillment workbench, allocation templates, wave picking, cross-dock tracking, paperless picking, and queue management.


Our system is also fully customizable, so you can tailor it to meet the unique needs of your business.

Optimize space utilization, reduce order fulfillment times, and lower your operating expenses. With real-time visibility into your inventory levels and order status, you can make informed decisions to improve your warehouse performance and better serve your customers.

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Need a hand managing those boxes?

Inventory Receiving


Simplifies the process of receiving and tracking inventory items from suppliers and manufacturing processes. It allows for automatic updates to inventory records and stock levels, real-time tracking of inventory movements, and customizable reports and receipts. Key functionalities include barcode scanning, user-defined tolerances, alerts for discrepancies, and support for multiple warehouse locations. With this module, businesses can efficiently manage their inventory receiving processes, increase accuracy, and maintain proper inventory levels, leading to improved supply chain management and customer satisfaction.


Inventory Issuance

Tracks the release of inventory items from the warehouse. It records the quantity, date, person who requested the item, and purpose of the issuance. Key functionalities include recording issuance transactions, generating reports, tracking inventory levels, automating workflows, and ensuring accuracy. It minimizes manual errors and reduces the need for manual inventory counts, enabling efficient and streamlined operations.


Inventory Transfer

Allows for the movement of inventory between locations or warehouses, enabling businesses to manage their inventory levels more effectively. This module includes the ability to create and approve transfer requests, create transfer orders to authorize inventory movement, record shipment and receipt details, and return transferred items. With this module, businesses can easily transfer and track inventory items, helping to streamline operations and improve inventory management.


Inter-Branch Inventory Outbound

Simplifies the transfer of inventory items between branches of a company. Users can create inter-branch transfer requests, track the status of requests, and generate reports on inventory transfers. The module automatically updates inventory levels for both sending and receiving branches and integrates with other inventory and accounting modules for a seamless transfer process.


Inter-Branch Inventory Inbound

Streamlines the process of receiving inventory from other branches of the company. With this module, users can easily track and record the transfer of goods between branches in real-time. It may also integrate with other modules in the ERP or Computerized Accounting System to provide a seamless inventory management experience. Other key functionalities include automated data entry, detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, user access control, and inventory reconciliation features to help ensure accurate inventory levels across all branches.



Enables the user to manage and process product returns from customers. Its functionalities include recording and tracking product returns, creating and managing return orders, generating credit notes, managing inventory stock levels, generating reports on returns data, and updating sales data and customer balances. The module facilitates coordination between the warehouse, customer service team, and accounting department to manage the returns process effectively.

We're Your Arms & Eyes

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Transfer Status

Never lose track of what is yours during stock transfers.

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Custom Fields

Reference Number Implementation and More!



Monitor everything, everyone, everywhere down to the last detail.

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Easily turn data into reports for submission and review.

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Serial Lot

Never lose count of items inside the warehouse.

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Audit Trail

Oversee individuals, activities, and everything in between.

A Whole Lot More Behind.

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