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Management System

Procurement Management System is an essential business process that can have a significant impact on a company's overall costs, inventory, and assets.

Easily manage your procurement process from start to finish, including creating purchase requisitions, managing inventory levels, and selecting replenishment methods based on your manufacturing and delivery strategies.


With our system, you can import supplier price lists to make smarter purchase decisions based on promotions, quantities, and conditions. Plus, you can track product availability from your suppliers' stock and check order status to ensure timely delivery.

Make better and informed purchasing decisions, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency, ultimately leading to increased profitability for your business. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way and provide you with the best possible solution to meet your procurement needs.

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Manage and take control of your Procurement process.

Purchase  Requisition

Allows departments to input item quantities and estimated costs for procurement, which can be approved by designated personnel. This helps streamline the procurement process, allowing for more efficient and accurate purchasing decisions.



Automated canvassing streamlines the preparation of Requests for Quotation by sending RFQs to multiple suppliers and tracking the quotes and updated prices of the item. The system then consolidates this information into a Bid of Canvass format, making it easier for users to analyze and compare the different quotations. This feature helps businesses to streamline their procurement processes and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Purchase Order

Enables automated transactions of purchase orders, streamlining the procurement process for companies. The system generates purchase orders automatically, reducing the need for manual input.

Goods Receipt

Enables companies to receive and verify goods received from suppliers. It streamlines the process of receiving goods and ensures that the correct quantity and quality of items are received.

Accounts Payable

Efficiently manage vendor payments and track outstanding balances with the Accounts Payable feature. This module provides an easy-to-use interface for recording and processing invoices, credit memos, and vendor payments, ensuring accuracy and timely payments to vendors.

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Close | Cancel | Hold PO | Manage Returns

Enables users to close or cancel purchase orders that are no longer needed, place a hold on a purchase order to delay its fulfillment, and manage returns and refunds. With this feature, businesses can easily track their purchase orders and returns, ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded and managed.

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Purchase Return

Generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) document for the returned items, which helps in keeping track of the return process and ensures timely and accurate credit or replacement of items. With this feature, businesses can efficiently manage their returns and maintain accurate inventory records.

Basic Features

Smart Alerts

Keeping everyone up-to-date with all transactions.

Requisition to Canvas

Approved requisitions are converted to 'Request for Quotation' and automatically canvassed.

Approval Matrix

Documents go to the rightful departments and representatives.


Manage documentation without having to print it out.

Intuitive UI

Easy to understand. 

Easy to turnover.

Supporting Documents

Never lose sight of how transactions came to be.

The Secret behind Smarter Purchasing.

Schedule a demo to see more empowering features.

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