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The premier software and service provider of a Computerized Accounting Systems (CAS) duly compliant with the  BIR.

I want to be Compliant.

Set an appointment.


Is BIR-CAS for me?

E-Invoicing System?

Do I need an EIS?

We do all the technical stuff.

Yes, customization.

We've got the highest-rated work-around. Ever. 

Some people - some companies just want things strictly done their way. The truth is that all they want is compliance. And you know what...

We are the absolute best at that. 

It is almost like a breath of fresh air.

Get an analysis of everything.

Just about everything that the BIR is looking for. It is all in our system.

Trust us. We've been doing compliance work for over 25 years.

We'll even cherry-pick exactly what you want and what the BIR exactly needs from you. 



and Thousands of

E-Invoices & Receipts



Forever? Yes. Forever.

The Helix Electronic Invoicing System does all the sending and transmitting for you. 

And since we are not a subscription-based software, you get to do that forever.



We are ready to transmit those batches of invoices and receipts that you did manually. Say less.

Let's Set a Demo!

Now, let's set up a demo for you before your backlog gets any longer. 

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