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  • Does my business have to be big to need HelixCAS?
    No, we have something for all businesses in all industries. However, we will need to determine the ideal plan that would best suit your business based on your capabilities, the willingness of those in charge, and their desire. Once all are determined, we will set up a project timeline.
  • Other than the software, what are the other benefits would I get that are not offered in other companies?"
    There’s a reason why our software can cater to all businesses from all industries. It’s because we know how all of them work like the back of our hands. From connections to consultations, we’ve got them all for you. Oh, did we mention those are just the benefits? A great versatile software is just our “bare minimum”.
  • I already have an existing system. Do I need to ditch it all when I get HelixCAS?
    Helix Software can thrive with or without an existing system; we can adjust and integrate. Although, we encounter one common problem: our clients can’t move on or let go, which usually leads to delay and conflict within their business, not ours.
  • If I avail the software, would I get all the systems?"
    It depends on the nature of your business. If you’re in Industry A, you have a specific list of options that differs from Industry B. However, some systems are applicable for all industries, such as the Payroll System and Financial Management System, which is a prerequisite.
  • Would the data and information about my business be safe in the system? How reliable is it? Are there downtimes?
    We’re here to help you fix, organize, and optimize your business process and financial management. Data management and storage is decided based on our client’s data-storing ethic and preference. We offer two options: The first one is On-Premise, which is server-based and can be stored in-house by your company. The other one is On-Cloud, which a third party will host as a data center. If you do get cloud but want to keep things extra confidential, you may acquire the cloud hosting facility yourself (funds will be deducted from the initial quote if cloud quotation/proposal was provided). Don’t worry; we’ll assist you all the way. As for downtimes, data centers offer 99.99% connectivity on a tier 3 data center facility.
  • On which platforms can I use the software? How can I access it? You talked about “On-Cloud” and “On-Premise” earlier. What was that about?
    It depends on where your data is sotred. You may access it anywhere and anytime using any device connected to the internet and has a web browser if you choose to store your data via the Cloud. Otherwise, you may only have access within the office or wherever the data center/server is, which poses plenty of limitations in the long run. Hence making Work-From-Home set up somewhat difficult.
  • Can I allow my employees to use the system?
    Only authorized persons can use the system as it would require the user’s login credentials. We strongly discourage the sharing of login credentials for security reasons.
  • Can I track who makes changes in the information inputted in the software?
    Yes, that’s why using the system requires user login credentials to be able to log data about the modifications made. With this feature, everything is recorded for documentation purposes.
  • How fast is fast implementation?
    It usually depends on the department’s cooperation, but we’ll integrate everything in the span of 3-6 months. We work with equal diligence wholeheartedly, so we expect the same from our clients or them as the buyer.
  • Is there a free trial I can get to test the system?
    We are unable to provide a free trial as we cannot simply show a portion of the system. It is all interconnected and cannot function without the other.
  • This didn’t answer any of my questions.
    We’re deeply sorry for that. You may reach us through our gmail: (Don’t worry, we won’t sales-talk you until your question is answered.)
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