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Our marketing department is quite new, but not the service and software!


We've been providing our compliance services for over 25 years. Around 25 Years and 7 Months to be exact ~ joking, but probably that long as well.

Now why HelixCAS? Well, I guess one reason is because we are history! We provided the "first-ever" documentation for compliance with the mandate of the BIR - and it was not just a small-time thing ~ surprisingly.

It was for the company that built our country's biggest public-private infrastructures out of beer bottles (kinda).

Helix Presentation (1).png

25 Years of feasible compliance and people-oriented software.

The first-ever BIR Compliance Project.

Formerly known as Andres Soriano Corporation and the majority owner of

San Miguel Corporation back in the day, ANSCOR was the first to adopt and acquire the "BIR Compliance" in the Year 2001.

They have renewed their license and are using HelixCAS today.  

Now isn't that cool?
Well, that's not the coolest part.

What's cool is that when you are dealing with us, you are dealing with real people - the fun and negotiable ones.

Let's cut the faux bureaucracy.

This compliance initiative is already difficult and stressful as it is.

Faux bureaucracy makes it so difficult to communicate with peers and clients. 

Talk to us. Call us. Go out for lunch? We'll be glad to go!

Want to know the ugly truth?

If it were not for these mandates, you and your team could just go on with your own day - continuing your operations, serving people, and yourselves.

Now here's the best part:



Truth is this: gusto mo lang sumunod sa batas, mapapa-gastos ka pa nang marami?

At Helix, we give you feasible solutions.

80% of your patronage through the purchase of our software and availing of our service goes to our developers, overall operations, and maitenance.

Helix isn't in the business of funding F1 races nor are we building a football team.

(If you know, you know).

We are here to make you compliant and save you from any future tax-related problems.

Did we mention that Helix is just a ONE-TIME payment software?

Yes, that's right. The only thing you are paying for here is maintenance.

This is what makes us a BIR-Accredited Computerized Accounting System. 

This aspect is very important because we have clients whose previous software provider has held their data at gunpoint. Why? Because our client unsubscribed from their services - to go for a BIR-CAS Accredited provider. Some had to pay just for the retrieval of their data.

At Helix, we believe that PURCHASE MEANS OWNERSHIP. 



The craziest thing someone told me while I was marketing is that BrandXYZ is an institution or "institutionalized" - unlike to Helix. (I haven't even started my pitch)

Frankly, I think these are same people who think that our ancestors or katutubong filipinos did not have any culture and were uncivilized before the arrival of the Spanish. Untrue. We've been doing international trade as early as the 10th century.

Fun fact! Plenty of start-ups from Western countries rely on the Philippines and other Asian countries for the fruition of their businesses.

We bring the best practices from all industries to all our clients - both foreign and local. Our systems are readily available and classified as off-the-shelf by the BIR.

Also, here is the World Map. If your problems are rooted from local mandates, aka in the Philippines, don't expect to find the solution and the software full support from halfway around the world. Those are our client's words. Not mine, your honor.

Clients (2).png

Anyways, that's all!

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you, reader. 

Feel free to send me an email! Give me a call if you have some questions that you need answered! 

(+63) 917-189-2368

Better yet, let us set an appointment! The rest of my team will be there to help you out!



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